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My High Impact Tutoring with Linda Rumpf

February 23, 20243 min read

Top 3 Reasons High Impact Tutoring Works

First, watch this video: A Parent Talks About the Difference High Impact Tutoring Made in Her Son's Reading

8 Reasons

So, what is a high impact tutor anyway?

1. High Impact Tutors Work 1:1

 Unlike at school or in after school tutoring programs, your reader will not be tutored as part of a group. One size does not fit all when it comes to reading issues, so true high impact tutors dedicate their teaching to one student at a time.

2. High Impact Tutors tailor your reader's program to their individual needs.

I offer a free assessment as the initial meeting between myself and a struggling reader. To get your free reading assessment, go to https://myhighimpacttutoring.com and pick a day and time when I can Zoom with your child. During this meeting, the child will read to me. I can then explore fully the exact nature of the reader's particular difficulties with fluency, reading comprehension, and vocabulary. Are they having trouble decoding words? Are they decoding well and appear to read with some fluency but are not understanding what they read? These are two totally separate issues and require the learning program to be built a bit differently. Then, there are the readers whom other specialty reading programs and tutors have not been able to help. I deep dive into what exactly is going on, and I solve the case! I have not failed yet! This calls for a very individualized approach to assessment and lesson-building, using a variety of techniques which specialty programs may not be accessing because their focus is usually on just one method.

3. High Impact Tutors bond to the student.

The federal government's research into the fact that high impact tutoring achieves drastically better results than typical group formats, such as the school IEP room or group after school tutoring programs, shows that one of the significant reasons for the success of high impact tutoring comes from the relationship that 1:1 tutors form with their students. When I get to know a reader, I learn how best to support them. I also receive additional clues about how they learn best and why they may not have learned as well in certain environments or with certain methods. Amazing things happen when a student feels connected to me because of mini-conversations that happen during lesson time which are seemingly "unrelated" to reading. Students become inspired to do their best for a tutor they feel cares about them and understands them.

For parents of struggling readers: Do not give up! I have not failed yet! Please reach out at https://myhighimpacttutoring.com and let me help your child close their reading gap!

In the video above, a parent of one of my students talked about something "intrinsic" in her child that I saw and developed, and this is the hallmark of high impact tutoring. What I saw was a ninth grader who was highly intelligent but severely dyslexic and who had been languishing in the school's IEP program since he stopped progressing with reading in around the first grade. Orton Gillingham had not helped, nor had other private tutors.

This boy was markedly non-verbal. He did not have a problem talking, he was just VERY quiet, by nature. Personality factors are not "disabilities," but can affect learning, so I began by explaining to the teen the research linking verbalization to reading ability. We began to work on phonics, including syllabication and pattern recognition within word families, and I had the student read aloud to me for extended periods of time. The basis of this type of program is called "Guided Reading." Reading aloud built his phonological awareness, or ability to "hear his mistakes" when reading. I concentrated on helping him verbalize in other ways, too, during lessons. The results were truly incredible. It is in this way that high impact tutors often go the extra mile to consider things like personality factors when creating the reading program.

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Linda Rumpf

The High Impact Tutoring Website of Miss Linda Rumpf Explains Why High Impact Guided Reading Works Where Other Methods Have Failed to Help Struggling Readers.

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